Tree Change Business

Looking for a Tree Change?

Want to own a proper home, with a real backyard? Dream of your kids growing up somewhere safe, where there are quality schools? Want to escape the city but want to be guaranteed a job? Then you’re looking for a tree change business.  Frazer & Bradley is just what you’re looking for, a modern and diverse business in the heart of a dynamic country town.

Moving to Grenfell NSW for a tree change will help you realize your tree change dream and buying Frazer & Bradley will give you the security and peace of mind that you will have a steady job in a business that is the heart of the town. Frazer & Bradley incorporating Grenfell Newsagency, serving as the town’s thriving gift and toy shop, art supply, and stationery store, as well as the usual books, magazines, and newspapers and NSW Lottery products.

Operating for over 100 years on Main Street, Frazer & Bradley is located in the birthplace of Henry Lawson (and the home of the Henry Lawson Festival). There is now a rare opportunity to take ownership of this successful business and be part of the Grenfell community.

Tree Change Business for Sale

If you’re interested in buying a tree change business, then you have found it in Frazer & Bradley. This successful business is now for sale by the owners. A diverse business that’s fully modernized so that you can run operations effectively. Giving you the opportunity to buy a tree change business with confidence. With no local competitive pressure, and a history of being fully involved in the community (local team sponsorships, festivals, etc.), you couldn’t ask for a better opportunity.

What is a Tree Change?

A Tree Change is moving to the country. Escaping the noise, pollution, costs, and problems of cities and surrounding suburbs to the country.  Making a tree change is an increasingly popular choice for Australian families frustrated by the high cost and pressures of city living, to even those who have found themselves in early retirement but not yet ready to retire.